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Safia & Co. are exclusively represented by Agent Jeremy Revell

Safia & Co. is a fast-growing brand currently featuring on the following platforms: TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube with videos full of typical real life events and comedy, (with sometimes, quite dark humour!)

The TikTok adventure began in February 2021 and since inception, has gained over 900,000 followers and 35 million likes!  The most successful video has had over 18 million views with all videos going viral.  Safia & Co. have fans all over the world and receive so many comments from followers about how they have helped with their mental health …”their daily serotonin”!

The London based family have a typical relationship and despite Safia having special needs, she has always been treated like everyone else.  All the videos featuring Safia have been approved by her.

Safia & Co. consists of Safia (30), Hana (28), Layla (20), and Mum (54).  The girls are half Moroccan and part Danish and Scottish and they all speak and understand Darija (Moroccan dialect of Arabic).

Safia is the “queen of their world” (that’s what she thinks anyway) and dictates everything! She is super friendly and very sociable.  Safia was born with Downs Syndrome and Autism and has the most incredible sense of humour, intelligence and she is a born performer and comedian.  Safia has been the main character in many plays performed through her college and has also appeared in a short film called “The Rite”  

Hana is the comedy director, editor, camera operator, caption writer, plus she runs the live broadcasts.  Basically, she is the boss and has the last say in everything posted. 

Layla is a comedy genius and doesn’t even realise how funny she is.  She has ADHD so with Layla, you never know what you are going to get. Liverpool FC and football are her main passions and she has extensive knowledge on the subject.  Layla also studied drama at school and was in a play which was performed at the Bicycle Theatre in Kilburn as well as a small performance at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith.  Her acting skills are fantastic, her timing is flawless and seriously funny.  Layla’s goal is to go into comedy acting and football related entertainment. 

Mum (Suzanne) has worked in various media sectors including editing a music and film magazine as well as producing, editing and assistant with script writing of two short films which were shown at the Electric Cinema in Portobello Road, The Portobello film festival and Westbourne Studios. 

The live broadcasts are very popular with the largest amount of people tuning into the TikTok live over a period of 90 minutes is 37K!

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