Ian Timothy

• Hypnosis

Ian worked in the field of therapeutic hypnosis for over ten years. His clients varied from the addict to the anxious. Over time he began to specialise in Flying Phobia and in this field he excelled. All clients came from the best place ~ recommendation. Ian has never needed to advertise. Every client is his billboard.

Although he no longer works full time in the area of clinical hypnosis, he still entertains at corporate and private events. The entertainment is not the usual ‘stage show’. It is one of intelligence and captivates the audience with a fast running demonstration of hypnotic inductions and how suggestion can evoke required outcomes! Again, recommendation is the source of clients.

In 2014 Ian moved his focus of attention to his events business. Although he continues to work in the field of hypnosis on a specialist level. Ian is able to advise on all aspects of hypnosis and linguistics.

Social Media

While building his business, LizianEvents Ian learned the power of social media promotion. Using every aspect of media promotion helped make the LizianEvents organisation successful in a competitive industry. The LizianEvents website enjoys 9000+ visits per month and the events attract over 10000 visitors each year. Social media promotion works!

If there is an interest in promoting your business through social media, Ian can help. He uses the blueprint of LizianEvents to demonstrate how to take a business from mediocre to exceptional.

Businesspeople cannot help but be captivated by the insights of Ian’s ideas. His two-hour insight into social media promotion leaves the audience with a mind full of prosperity seeds.


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