Charlie Sansom

• Political Commentator for Media

Charlie is a working class lad born in Barking and moved to Basildon as a young kid. He always had a passion for music and politics and whilst at school he was put forward to become a Youth MP but didn’t follow through with it because he had a healthy cynicism for politicians at an early age.

When he left school he pursued a career in music as a singer. Charlie released an album and a few EPs since with some of his best stuff on Spotify. A notable recording is a cover of Nina Simone’s My Baby Just Cares For Me which was praised by her family at the time.

Having enjoyed a nice live performance career he looked into becoming a DJ having DJ’d at festivals, boat parties and at the London Stadium.

Charlie got involved with the Conservatives in 2018/19 rising through the local ranks very quickly going from activist, to candidate, to branch chairman and a federation officer within about 6-9 months. It was then that he decided to amalgamate a lot of small Tory branches into one big area called the South Basildon Conservatives.

When the government announced their plans for Plan B; Covid passports; mandatory vaccinations, Charlie quit live on the BBC in protest.

He had tried to get them to change their course for a long time but ultimately left in December 2021 and was subsequently interviewed on GB News, Sky News, multiple BBC stations including Radio 4 and the BBC News channel; He had articles in Breitbart, the Independent, some local papers and was on the front-page of the BBC News app for the weekend of December 9/10/11.

Since then Charlie has done interviews for podcasts and made friends/acquaintances (some before this period) with a lot of well known pundits such as Esther Krakue, Richard Taylor, Russell Quirk, Dominique Samuels, Lewis Brackpool, Darren Stanton, James Melville, Leilani Dowding, Zuby and Nigel Farage.

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