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Karen Blick

Karen Blick (born 25th October 1974) is an English actress who has played Lydia Dingle since September 2016. Her other television credits include No Angels, Jumpin the Sharks, World Astonishing News and Nomads. She has also appeared in several short films and numerous plays.

Darren Stanton

Amigo Talent is the agent for “The UK’s No. 1 Body Language & Behavioural Expert” Darren Stanton Darren began his UK Television and Media career back in 2010, when he was asked to assess the politicians during the TV Live debate for the General Election. ​Prior to this Darren spent his days investigating and […]

Dr Arthur Cassidy

• Dr Arthur Cassidy Agent • I’m a Celebrity.. THE SUN NEWS ARTICLE by Dr Arthur Cassidy Dr. Arthur Cassidy is a well established Social Media and Celebrity Psychologist who has made a dynamic and energetic impact to contemporary television programmes by bringing a fresh insight into evidence based psychological aspects of a wide range […]